Signal Zero

A digital agency developing cloud-native software solutions.

Body Charting API

Body Chart Annotation System

A body chart drawing & annotation system which allows developers to include this functionality within their medical/clinical systems.

A JavaScript framework to draw & keep track of points on the canvas. Saves the data as a structured JSON schema.

See demo.

SQLite Extensions - 1.04

SQLite Encryption

A free-to-use loadable extension library for the popular SQLite database. The extension adds AES-256 encryption & decryption functions to protect your data.

The package also contains an SHA-512 cryptographic hash implementation, allowing you to anonymise data items.

Available for Windows, Linux and OSX - read the manual.


Rewriting Legacy Applications

Legacy Code Review

Maintaining & upgrading legacy systems is a huge challenge for CIOs as they struggle with modernising these systems while keeping their functionality intact.

Signal Zero uses a systemic approach to modernizing legacy applications that addresses not only technology re-platforming but also data migration. If you have a legacy application which requires re-development, then please get in touch to discuss the details.

Software Development

Our software development team will perform a detailed analysis of your requirements. We'll collect your functional and non-functional requirements & produce a detailed specification & a quote for your approval.

We specialise in developing cost-effective & high-performance applications by leveraging AWS Lambda functions and serverless technology where possible.


Our software solutions are designed & developed to be run within your infrastructure. We'll work with you to ensure the software we develop works with your platform of preference, be that Linux or Windows.

However, if you only require the software solution and don't want the overhead of managing the infrastructure, then we can host the solution for you within our software-as-a-service platform. We have expertise in using both Amazon Web Services & Digital Ocean.


Please email in the first instance outlining your requirements. After reviewing your requirements we'll arrange a video call with you to discuss your project in more detail.